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Test from fakhar Hello test Hello Beta Community Hello folks. This seems a little sparse. How do you efen know who a message is from? What about any threads or ways to follow up answers? Hi all! Awesome job for settimg this up! Hi there everyone! Testing this out here in Utah, USA Hello! We will be adding an about page to this app soon, but for now I would like to clarify what this app is designed to do. This app is an Open Source Web Mobile App for supporting ongoing live meetings (either in-person or online) in small communities where offers and needs are shared and matched. This app is not meant to be a stand-alone app for sharing offers and needs. It is meant to be used by communities who are meeting and exchanging offers and needs. It is simply a place to store the offers and needs that are shared. To find the github repository, go here: https://github.com/rdamashek/Community-Through-Caring To contact us, email jenniferdamashek@protonmail.com